by Ken Rolheiser
Crowning of the Queen of Heaven and Earth

Royalty has fascinated people forever. From Cinderella to Anna and Elsa in Frozen, which is fascinating my grand children, we are spell bound by royalty.

Recently I Googled the Crowning of Queen Elizabeth II, an event that took place in 1952, when I was in Grade school. We watched it on Radio back then.

The Queen sat in King Edward's Chair. The Archbishop, along with other Bishops, came from the Altar. The Dean of Westminster carried the Crown, and the Archbishop placed it upon the Queen's head.

Repeated shouts of GOD SAVE THE QUEEN resounded. Coronets, caps, trumpets and great guns acclaimed the Archbishop’s words: "God crown you with a crown of glory and righteousness… that you may obtain the crown of an everlasting kingdom by the gift of him whose kingdom endureth for ever. Amen."

Some Viewer’s comments:
“This is probably the greatest thing I've ever watched.”
“Damn, I wish I was Royal.”
“Since I don’t believe she has one I will give her the title she deserves,
Queen Elisabeth the Resilient.”

Now can you imagine Mary’s coronation as Queen of Heaven and Earth? In the presence of Angels and Martyrs and Saints? And some would notice the gold and beatific display that was simply out of this world.

Mary is our Queen and has made many visits to earth to remind us and to encourage us. She is more than resilient. The long litany of titles we ascribe to her includes: “Mother of divine grace, Refuge of sinners, Health of the sick, Comforter of the afflicted, Queen of all saints, Queen of peace.”

On October 7, 2017, on the 100th anniversary of Mary’s apparitions at Fatima, many people will line Poland’s borders and pray the Rosary for Poland and the world. “Rosary at the Borders” has the support of the Polish Bishop’s Conference.

Fishermen and kayakers will line up their vessels on the waters. Former prisoners will walk the 2,181 miles of borders as part of the "Rosary at the Borders." They will carry no money or food, and spend the night at churches along the way.

These “Pilgrims of Mercy" are walking for a total of 20 weeks, corresponding to the number of mysteries of the Rosary. And all this because they know the power of Mary, the Queen of Heaven and Earth.

In an earlier article “Mary, miracles and praying for peace” I shared how a house eight buildings from the center of the Hiroshima explosion remained intact. This presbytery where eight Jesuit fathers lived was protected by Mary because the Rosary was recited every day in that house.

In 1948 the Allies turned over Catholic Austria to Communist Russia. For three years the Austrians endured Communist tyranny. Then
70,000Austrians pledged to pray the Rosary daily.

On May 13, 1955, the anniversary of the first apparition of Mary at Fatima, the Russians signed an agreement to leave the rich mineral deposits and oil reserves and the strategic location of Austria. Not one shot was fired and no one was killed.

“The final victory belongs to God, and this will be verified through Mary, the woman of Genesis and the Apocalypse, who will fight at the head of the army of her sons and daughters against the enemy's forces led by Satan, and she will crush the serpent's head.” (A Moment with Mary, September 25, 2017)

“Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10) Prayer can diffuse the political hotspots of our world.

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