Can Pro-Life save the world? 

Life is so precious! The careless disregard for it chokes us to tears.

Just yesterday I saw a young child walking home from school. I thought, “She reminds me of my granddaughter.” Then I realized what it was. Her shoulders and arms were moving with so much energy that she looked like she was riding a bike.

There is a famous Talmud quote, "Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire." The reverse of this saying is illustrated, sadly, in the news of this past September. 

On September 19, 2019, Eric J. Scheidler, Executive Director of Pro-Life Action League shared a sad story with me: “Dear Ken, I just got back to my office after leading a prayer vigil outside the Will County Coroner's office in Joliet, Illinois. I prayed with 80 pro-lifers from the area in solidarity with the 2,246 aborted babies now in the coroner's custody.

“You've probably heard that these bodies were recovered from the home of deceased abortionist Ulrich Klopfer. He operated three abortion facilities in Indiana before losing his medical license in 2016.”

Scheidler goes on to discuss what the ultimate fate of the bodies of these aborted children might be. These 2,246 abortion victims were killed between the years 2000 and 2002. Had they lived?

Picture 2,246 seventeen to nineteen-year-olds starting college or jobs, falling in love and getting engaged. As a grandfather I am saddened at the demise of this village of young people and the joy and hope they might have represented.

We will not be seeing their children skipping home from school. Will we even mourn their absence? Saving just one life gives us hope! On September 20, 2019, President of Human Coalition Brian Fisher shared the following story:

The mother of a fun-loving little boy named Major chose life for him five years ago by choosing not to have an abortion. The Continuum of Care program has helped this mother enjoy seeing Major put on his backpack and board the bus for his first day at school.

Pro Life supporters hold that life begins at conception, when the egg is fertilized. A pregnant woman is carrying a baby and at birth will deliver a baby, not a fetus. 

Much progress is being made in respecting the value of human remains and upholding the sanctity of human life. The U.S. Supreme Court in May upheld an Indiana provision requiring burial or cremation following an abortion or miscarriage at a medical facility. 

“The state of Indiana feels that fetal remains should be treated with the same dignity and respect that is usually given to deceased humans,” said a spokeswoman for Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill. (Chicago Tribune September 20, 2019).

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Texas attorneys asked a federal appeals court Thursday to revive the state’s requirement that fetal remains from abortions and miscarriages at health care facilities be buried or cremated. (September 5). 

Cardinal Joseph Bernardin in 1988 led a burial service for some 2,000 aborted fetuses laid to rest in two caskets at Queen of Heaven Catholic Cemetery in Hillside; the anti-abortion activists had taken those remains from the loading dock of a north suburban laboratory. 

The cardinal in his homily spoke of how “every life, at every stage of development from conception to natural death and in all its circumstances, is sacred and beloved by God,” the Tribune reported.

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By Ken Rolheiser