Pause For Reflection
       by Ken Rolheiser

A German Christmas Story
A Good Friday Reflection
A Special Marriage
Easter Journey
Legend of the Fourth Magi
Spirituality @ Work
Transcendental Meditation
T.M. and Religious Meditation
The Gift of Time
The Laughing Christ
When A Young Person Dies
Where Earth Meets Heaven
Zen Reflection
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The Small Stuff.
Land of the Living Word.
Christ of the Misfits
The Praying Hands
Heavenly Lottery
Articles on Suffering:
Pick Up Your Mandolin
Silver Hair
Other Articles
Mother's Day
The Mystery of the Passion of Christ
A Traditional German Easter
24-7 Motherhood
Pater Noster - A Father's Day Reflection
Father's Day
A Theology of Suicide.
Christmas on the Prairie
Christmas Gifts
Easter Love
Easter Romance
New Year's Celebrations
Good Friday:
The Empty Sandals
Father's Day
Mother's Day
Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day
Lent and Easter Articles
Lent: A Journey of Forgiveness
Going into the Desert
A Good Friday Story
Easter Baskets
CHRISTMAS   Tidings of Great Joy
                           A Mystical New year
John Paul II Article - Were not our hearts burning within us
Stories of St. Nicholas