by Ken Rolheiser
Elvis and miracles of the Rosary

Of the many miracles attributed to the rosary, here is one from Australia 2019. Dylan Asmus always carried a rosary in his pocket. One day he sat at the back of church during the devotion after Mass which was praying for vocations to the priesthood. 

The group put up portraits of the current seminarians on a board. “If you look there’s a space that’s blank; they couldn’t fill the whole grid out,” Dylan said. “We prayed the Rosary and at the end of it that’s when I said in my head, ‘Okay, I can do this, I can be a priest, I want to be a priest.’”

Another miracle story comes to us through A Moment with Mary, June 9, 2020: A protestant lady who wears the Miraculous Medal asked for a rosary to pray for her husband who was undergoing a cancer surgery which was usually non-operable. He recovered and is treatment free.

In 1214, Our Lady explained to St. Dominic how to pray the rosary. We saw the power of this prayer in 1571 when the Moslems were threatening the Christians. After praying the rosary for three hours on October 7, the Christian forces, though outnumbered, decisively defeated the Turks at Lepanto.

Our Lady appeared to the children at Lourdes in 1858, to children at Fatima in 1917, and to children at Garabandal in France in 1961, each time asking for the rosary to be prayed for sinners, for conversion, and for the help the world needed at that particular time. 

In 1858 the Lourdes apparitions came shortly after the proclamation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception; Fatima in 1917 had to do with the conversion of Russia and the end of a terrible war, and Grabandal in 1961 was before the Vatican II council to reform the church.

Always our Lady asks for prayer and penance to save souls. In awe we contemplate the workings of the Spirit in the promotion of this prayer form. 

Often a singer of gospel songs including “How Great Thou Art” and “Crying In The Chapel”, Elvis Presley added “Miracle of the Rosary” to his 1972 album. “Miracle of the Rosary” came about through Lee Denson, a Pentecostal, who often attended church with Elvis. He played the song for Elvis who enjoyed it, but waited a decade before releasing the song.

The lyrics couldn’t be any more devout: 
 Oh Blessed Mother we pray to Thee 
Thanks for the miracle of Your Rosary 
Only You can hold back 
Your Holy Son’s hand 
Long enough for the whole world to understand 
Hail Mary full of grace 
The Lord is with Thee 
Blessed art thou among women 
And blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus 
Oh Holy Mary dear Mother of God 
Please pray for us sinners 
Now and at the hour of our death 
And give thanks once again 
For the miracle of Your Rosary 

At each of the apparitions mentioned above Our Lady repeated warnings with growing urgency. We need to turn to prayer, to sacrifice and to devotion to the Passion of Jesus. With the help of St Michael, the archangel, we can defeat the evils threatening us on a global level.

Covid-19 is a global threat. Unfamiliar with the rosary? Check on-line How to pray the rosary. No rosary? I use my fingers when I don’t have a rosary handy.

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