by Ken Rolheiser
What if I’m not enough

The rock does not say, “I’m not good enough.” The tree does not say, “I’m not good enough.” The cow does not say, “I’m not good enough.” Only sentient being wonder, “Am I enough?”

A meme on Facebook recently read:
Maybe this is for you. Maybe it’s for a friend. Maybe you just need a friend. Maybe you’re tired. Maybe you feel alone. Maybe you need encouragement.
So let me tell you this - your voice, your heart, your giving, your loving, your showing up, your effort, your ingenuity, your caring, your you - it matters.
This world can wear us down. It can scream that we aren’t enough, or we need to do more. 

But at this moment, this is your reminder of your deep importance.
Friend, you are priceless.
Your impact on this world is unique.
Your giving is valued.
Your trying is wonderful.

American Idol Kayko produced an original song “What if” which asks, “What if I’m not enough?” And asks more “What if’s” – What if I'm not spеcial, just one of seven billion chasin' lovе? -What if I'm always searching / But the problem was me all along? -What if I don't deserve it? -What if I bet my life, realize I was wrong?

The song ends with What if I'm not enough?/ What if I, what if I, what if I don't deserve it? Will he find love? Will he mess it up and die alone? I am still glad I am not a rock or a tree. Our creator God offers us so much more. 

So maybe I won’t be famous. Maybe my writing is not world famous. But just maybe the Spirit that inspires us is working for the good of all. Our dignity is guaranteed by the spark of God that is in us. Our efforts are blessed in many unseen ways as the Spirit works through us. 

Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin by St Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort was written at the beginning of the 1700s, but the manuscript remained practically unknown. Finally, discovered in 1842 and published in 1843, the work was an instant success in spreading the "true devotion" to the Most Holy Virgin. 

God had a plan for this work. In his youth, St Jean Paul II found reading this book a great help. "There I found the answers to my questions." St Jean Paul said. You and I have no idea how much our words and actions impact others. 

As a writer I receive feedback from my readers, and I know how the Spirit inspires my messages and touches the hearts of readers:
-You have no idea how much I needed that today. Thank you.
-Any given day your words have meant so much to me.
-This article was exactly what I needed this morning, Ken. It seems that there has been so much pain and suffering.
-I have been praying for understanding, and your message speaks loud and clear. 
-Thank you for this reflection. Your words and thoughts help me to stay in that journey.
-It just makes me smile how somehow you just write for me. 
-Your reflection was so fitting I had to share with [family], and I also want you to know once more how your reflections touch the lives of so many.

We are enough! “ ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD” (Jeremiah 11).

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